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Who are we?

The Institute of Advanced Business Learning Systems, Inc. (IABLS) was formed as a not-for-profit (501 (c) (3) organization in 1998 to advance the Quality field through leading edge educational programs and certification, in Southgate, Michigan.


The Institute was formed with a dual purpose of a) developing and providing leading edge technology to the learning process for both profit and not for profit organizations and b) provide an alternate certification scheme for Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control.



Specifically, our mission is to a) diffuse both knowledge and skills to organizations, using the most appropriate and applicable scientific methods for the most efficient implementation and maximum learning by our clients and b) provide a standardization method for measuring the ability for implementing improvement initiatives in an organization. This measurement is not necessarily a test approach, rather a combination of rigorous evaluation of experience, education, professionalism and other criteria.



IABLS is committed to operate in an environment of:

In order to accomplish its mission.



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