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Bruce A. Christy

With undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota in mechanical engineering, as well as business administration and numerous computer, management, production, product planning, and related sales courses. Christy is an excellent team member to our group. Christy brings more than 20 years of diversified business development, sales, product management, and marketing experience to the Six Sigma Performance Center. .

Before joining us Christy spent six years with ASQ – Six Sigma Initiative. He was also a regional support Manager (Operations in Minnesota Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin) with a major European Manufacturer. As Business Manager – Christy grew the business from the ground up to revenues of 1.15 million dollars (1992 -1998).

Prior to this Christy was the manager of the special sales/services group in a major Fortune 500 Corporation. As regional manager, coming up from the engineering ranks through sales Christy made his name by introducing new programs, methods and systems to increase revenues by meeting customer needs.

Serving as a limited duty officer with the US Navy, Christy was one of the liaison officers, in communications (USN-Seabees) working with the 7 th and 6 th Marines Ops. – Duties included establishing networks (clear channel communications) via The NATO Allied Command. Stationed in Italy, and then the Philippians, Christy was assigned to the USMC SE Asia Vanguard Unit 1960 – 1962.




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